5 Global Brands that Use Outdoor Advertising to Capture the Local Market

Global brands are called global for a reason – because everyone in the world knows about them. These brands are large and formidable, trusted over years and sometimes even decades. Their marketing and advertising budgets can be twice the size of the total revenue of most local brands.

However, the biggest reason why these BIG brands rule over the market is that they never stop investing in Brand Awareness. Brand Awareness is a crucial marketing tool that builds your brand and lets customers know about your business. This method keeps your brand relevant and in the public eye, thus inviting new customers, as well as retaining the loyalty of repeat customers.

The following brands never forget to connect with the customers at the grassroots level and are masters at capturing and recapturing the attention of the locals utilising creative campaigns on outdoor hoardings. Take a look at some of them below:


Who hasn’t heard of McDonald’s? The burgers are synonymous with childhood joy as well as adult indulgences. But just because everyone already knows the brand’s name, doesn’t mean they are neglecting the attention of the people that are walking up and down the streets of the city.

Image Source:Afaqs

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KFC launched into stardom on the backs of its classic Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe. But whichever country it expands to, the brand always adapts to the cultures and taste preferences of the locals. Take a look at the yummy outdoor advertisements that KFC used to lure in hungry new customers.

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Image Source:Media 4 Growth


L'Oreal Paris is brand that has truly embraced its global nature. The brand employs ambassadors from various nationalities to connect with the local crowd, including our very own Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor. This automatically translates into brand recall when seeing such familiar faces on hoardings and billboards in our localities.

Image Source:Winning Bizness

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Google Maps

Google Maps has become the be all and end all for travellers all over the world. Its navigating systems are unparalleled and can be relied on to give you the most accurate information at all times. But the local crowd may not be quite internet savvy enough to utilise this to the fullest extent. And hence Google Maps’ outdoor campaign aims to teach the local audiences just how their lives can get easier!

Image Source:Huffington Post India

Image Source:Linkedin

Berger Paints

Berger Paints has always employed the classic technique of using a recognisable and famous brand ambassador to grace the billboard for easy recall. But sometimes the brand employs marketing techniques that are so creative – that the local audience has no choice but to stop and stare!

Image Source:Ads of the world

Image Source:Offer World

Global brands have many advantages over all the small and mid-sized brands that are trying to make their name in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that they can afford to be lax in their outdoor marketing campaigns – and they always employ creative methods to capture the local market.

Thus, small and mid-businesses should remember that in order to be a well-respected name all over the world, one must always remember to retain the loyalty of local people – and the best way to do this is with in-your-face advertising!

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