Political Campaigning

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At Fiberboard, we do not just aim to promote and further brands and businesses. We understand and accept that it is our duty as citizens of India to make the nation a better place for all. Thus we also focus our services on political campaigns and elections.

We consider it our honour to contribute to the future of our nation in any way, and take pride in planning, organizing and executing strategies for competitive elections that can shape policies and governments on small and large scales.

Our services include:

  • Image Management
    Image Management and Brand Strategy go hand in hand. What defines your brand, who is the audience that will be most attracted to your brand, how can we present your brand in a way that earns your audience’s loyalty? We assess your party’s culture, TG and cause, and develop a unique positioning statement that can become the foundation of your campaigns, public image and message architecture.
  • Opinion Poll
    An Opinion Poll is the best way to get real-time facts and information from your targeted audience. Carrying out Opinion Polls gives your party inside information about what your voters really want and how you can win them over. It enables your Party to communicate with and learn from your target audience and change your strategies according to their needs. Our services include Identification of Trending Topics to garner the most attention, Online Surveys, Telephonic Surveys, and Interpretation and Strategy based on the results.
  • Election material
    An election campaign cannot run on thin air – and Fiberboard is here to ensure that all materials and collaterals related to your campaign are taken care of. This includes Flyers, Pamphlets, Kiosks, Posters, Banners, Stickers and Badges etc. We provide impeccable Branding and Design Services as well as Printing for the same.
  • Movement Building
    It isn’t enough to simply have a message – a successful political party is one that takes its cause right to the streets, and gets all the people and voters involved too. Our Movement Building services include Grassroots Activation, Coalition Building, Partnership Development, Policymaker Outreach and Donor Engagement to attract potential contributors and allies.
  • Public Rallies
    Want to take your Political Movement/Message to the streets in both local and national scales? Then Fiberboard is the right match for your needs. We organize and activate Political Rallies with cultural integrations, artistic performances, celebrity appearance and more to hook the attention of policy makes and voters alike. Our services include Community Promotion, Crowd Building, Press Contacts/Releases and Press Content Design and Building, Legal Permissions, Logistics and Supply Rentals, Booking Speakers and Orators, and finally both Set-Up and Deactivation.
  • Poll Worker Management
    One of the most crucial parts of running an election campaign is ensuring that we have hired reliable, trustworthy and efficient staff. Fiberboard’s Poll Worker Management services take care of polling place assignments, job roles, monitoring election office productivity and optimizing every step of the management process to further enhance the quality and efficiency of managing election staff.
  • Advertising
    Your campaign cannot move forward without the support of the voters – and Fiberboard’s Advertising Strategies ensure that your message reaches your audience and voters. Our capabilities include Strategy Planning, Media Planning and Placement, Media Partnerships with tie-ups with reputed news outlets, Sponsored Content and Creative copy, and finally we also execute, monitor and optimize your campaign from start to finish.