FM Radio Advertisement

FM Radio Stations are gaining popularity rapidly among the advertisers. The reason being, they offer maximum audience reach for a very low cost. FIBERBOARD creates ad campaign which reaches most upmarket demographic of any commercial radio station in the national or regional level. We take pride in possessing a potential of publishing advertisement on industry-leading 27 FM Radio Stations across 210 Cities in 16 Languages.

Fiberboard’s customised Radio Ad Campaigns are:

  • Brief yet precise
  • Original and entertaining thus leaving the audience spellbound
  • Aired on the most popular and most listened to Radio stations to ensure the Ad reaches the every target audience
  • Shuffled between stations to track the Ad’s progress
  • Advertised consistently on a regular, weekly and monthly basis to ensure recall value
  • Aired during the morning and evening commute times to target the most listeners

Fiberboard’s customised Radio Ad Campaigns are:

  • Select FM Station
  • Provide Ad Description (Seconds, City, Slogs per Day, Number of Days, Timings)
  • Payment
  • Review & Approve Contents
  • Go Live

In addition to Advertising, there are two other essential aspects of FM:

  • Radio Jingle Development: It serves the process of attracting the viewers by building excitement and brand awareness over a shorter period of time by being more appealing.
  • Radio Campaign Tracking:To monitor the station activity, reach and influence of the published Ad and ensure that the customer receives ROI which they aim for.

Our creative team does thorough research before executing the campaigns and will work in accordance with your ideas and suggestions to deliver the most effective and distinctive advertising campaign to tackle the precise requirements of your business. With our planning systems and knowledge of the radio market, we can ensure that your message reaches the niche customer.