Hoardings & Poles

Your Brand’s outdoor sign is probably the first thing that crosses the mind of your prospect customers. Therefore, the sign should be sufficiently bright and prominent to attract attention and sufficiently informative to make potential customers aware about your brand’s value and services offered.

As people generally travel the same route repeatedly, and unlike TV commercials or magazine ads, they don’t have the access to swap or flip through hoardings, thus making Hoardings Advertisement as a long term and consistent exposure for your Brand.

Fiberboard has a wide array of hoarding shapes and sizes available. We create eye catching graphics with the highest aesthetics value in our state of the art print workshop on the utmost quality of the banners material (Timber, Di-bond aluminium and Foamex). The banners and Hoardings are strategically placed on targeted locations to attract maximum audiences.

Since an average traveller fixes his/her gaze upon these Banners and Hoardings for a time span of less than 3 seconds we focus more on the graphics while keeping the message short yet precise to catch the attention of viewers. We provide flexible solutions to suit your business needs at minimal price.

We not only deal with advertising but even after placement of the ad will take great care that your ad is highly visible and efficient, and is promoting your brand’s value. We will assess our strategies and services to give you uninterrupted brand awareness through our assistance.