Holographic Advertising

Holographic Advertising is the future of marketing – and at Fiberboard, we can help your brand take those steps closer towards the future!

For animation and creative content, we have special ways of making all display content ‘holographic’ using isolation methods in our renderings if your team or agency does not have sufficient time or resources to produce them. We can consult and help you throughout the process.

We are a one-stop shop for the acquisition, manufacturing, installation, logistics, creative and consultation for the deployment of these advanced setups. We are perfectly capable of distributing these types of products globally, especially India.


  • Foil/Scrim Projection:

    Tensioned to practically any size or application, allowing three-dimensional imaging broadcast in a 'pepper's ghost' type configuration, suitable for lifelike characters or objects. The system utilizes a specialized foil or soft net scrim in various colors, truss enclosures, reflective ground surfaces and powerful projector combinations.

  • Holobox/Holopyramid:

    Holobox/Holopyramid is a versatile, durable application suitable for a variety of indoor high-traffic and public environments. It utilizes the most advanced modern projection techniques on reflective coated glass in contemporary, sleek aluminium housing in custom colours. Can be vinyl-wrapped, with backlit boards mounted to the side surfaces..

  • Hologlass/Transparent LCD:

    We use a fine rear projection film (using various transparency grades) that transforms any transparent surface, such as a window or single pane of glass, into a virtual display. Perfect for storefronts, interactive concepts or as a practical solution to replace digital signage.

  • Transparent OLED:

    A slim, elegant brand new technology developed by Samsung, LG & now Panasonic which makes it possible to achieve transparency without backlighting. Consisting of LEDs that operate under any environment and ambient light, it can be placed in the middle of a room or integrated into a wall. This is a perfect choice for audience recall, and practical for points of sale, retail displays and showcasing.

  • LED Matrix Panels:

    A rigid or bendable thin aluminium frame, these grouped LED strips mounted on top of them are incredibly vivid from a distance, extremely low maintenance, durable in outdoor or indoor environments and a perfect alternative to costly projectors and OLED panels. The illusion of ‘see through’ is maintained, especially in multi-tiered facades. These panels can accommodate any size, any pattern, even contoured around column and are visible in any lighting condition, including daylight.

  • Holoblade:

    Holoblade technology allows 3D videos to appear floating in the air being perceived by viewers as hi-res holograms. This is a next gen visual solution for brands to increase sales and gain high brand exposure. Holoblade is made up of individual projection units and a proprietary Content Management Software. Multiple Holoblade units can be managed as a smart network with the content uploaded remotely.

  • Holomist:

    This innovative projection screen produces a thin curtain of ‘dry’ fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in air, ideal for physical pass-throughs in strategic 'chokepoints' such as escalators, lines and entrances. The Holomist can also be interactive through IR scanning, and it is not suitable for outdoors or areas with drafts and unpredictable airflow.

  • Projection Mapping:

    Projection Mapping is used to turn inanimate objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for spatial video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as entire facades of buildings, or simple outlines of a specific product, such as a car or furniture. Usual projector intensity is 20,000 lumens and higher for many applications in large venues or outdoors.

  • Holostream:

    An exclusive plug-and-play, cost-effective standalone product designed to 'beam' individuals live from across the world holographically, using our available systems without the need for fiber optic lines or green screens. This is to work-around the prohibitively expensive and big space systems such as the 3D Foil technology

  • Interactive Extensions:

    We believe our hologram systems should be more than just eye candy. They should have interactive, data-mining capabilities via experiential digital out-of-home activations and opt-ins. We have developed a cloud solution to not only manage content remotely, but produce campaigns that truly connect with your audience through their mobile devices, stationary touchscreen podiums or directly on the hologram itself.

We do not just provide fancy gadgets and designs. Our holographic advertising services come hand in hand with interactive extensions with a cloud solution allow you to remotely manage and operate the campaigns, and creative services that will conceptualize and execute your brand’s message and vision.