Newspaper Advertisements

Fiberboard is a promising platform that innovates the concept of advertising by simplifying and assisting you in booking your Display and classified advertisements in leading Regional and national Newspapers; and the bestseller books while saving the trouble of physically traveling to the newspaper/ representative office for publishing an Ad.

We provide many tailored and fully customisable packages to choose from every sort of advertisements such as Matrimonial, Education, Name change, Obituary, Public notices, tenders as well as official notices, Recruitment, Travel, Astrology, Rental. We are fully aware of the market needs and wants as such we undergo a thorough research and analysis process to build an ad that communicate out to the market and the target audience group.

We offer our services to these formats of classified bookings:

  • Classified Display Ad: It comprises of rich graphics & texts in color or b&w to grab the attention of readers.
  • Text Classified Ad: It comprises of normal text ads which can be booked in simple running ad text format (ROL) or Run on Display (ROD).
  • Display Ad: It comprises of multi column print ad creation in high resolution colored or in B&W format, occupying full pages, half or quarter of the page gaining a higher attention and enhanced response.

We have an innovative and effective set of methodologies that ensures your ad gets maximum attention, such as:

  • Maintaining similar graphics and consistency in style and flow for higher recall value
  • Catchy and comprehensible headlines
  • Strategic use of space and clever positioning of Ads for maximum visibility
  • A clear ‘call-to-action’ feature to drive the readers to contact or pay you a visit

As our main concern is 100% Customer work satisfaction, we dedicate our majority of time in proofreading, editing the errors and re-editing for making it the perfect ad before it is published.