Silver Screening

We’ll take your Silver Screen Ambitions to PLATINUM levels

At Fiberboard we are huge fans of theatre and cinema, and promise to take your Bollywood/Hollywood ambitions to new heights! We promise 360 degree promotion for your artistic masterpiece, and get it the popularity and success it deserves!

What we offer:

  • Cinema Trailers
  • Music Launch promotions
  • Multiplex Standee
  • Multiplex & Mall Elevator branding
  • Escalator Branding
  • Arch Gate
  • Larger than Life Standing units
  • Cut-outs
  • Indoor Promotions in various markets

Star Cast Visits and Events for:

  • Campus Promotion
  • Music, Trailer and Launch parties/events
  • Premier and Red Carpet


  • Merchandise Ideation and Design
  • Merchandise Development and Sourcing
  • Merchandise Marketing and Sales Strategy

Premier and Promotion :

  • Promotional Events
  • Movie Launch Events
  • Movie Premier Planning
  • Premier Venue Selection and Execution
  • Special Shows for celebrities or invitees