Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is more engaging than it appears. It can be broadly summed up into Social Media Research and Social Media Strategy.

In Social media Research, we examine and analyse the social media practices, trends and we use various other methodologies to extract out all the vital data in which social media is shaping and enhancing our life.

Based on SMR, we build up a Social Media Strategy to use these raw data and information into planning an effective optimization of your website and make it as socially-share-able as possible. With an exponential rate of audiences in the Social Media sites, it’s wise and the call of the hour to target your business towards your potential clients on social news and bookmarking websites, RSS feeds, Social websites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

With the assistance from a smart and dedicated SMM team, Fiberboard offers a wide range of tailored as well as custom services regarding your individual or Organisational needs of expanding their business. Our effective and time-tested methodology includes a lot of free visitors and is efficient than SEO by focusing on the visitors other than Google.

Some methodology regarding SMO is:

  • Engaging visitors to your brand by providing special offers
  • Proper interaction and communication through social networking
  • A practical and effective strategy to gain visitors
  • Publishing the views and positive feedback on the content
  • Creating interlinked and regular updated Social Sites related blogs on blogspot, WordPress, myspace, flickr, tumblr, etc
  • Running effective ad campaigns such as customising your Facebook page and Youtube channel

Our solutions will put your brand in a position where generating revenue is easy while keeping you ahead of your competitors through continuous innovation.