Youtube Advertising

According to a latest report, Internet Video viewing has gone up by 35% and mobile internet viewing went up by 20%, while traditional video viewing was only up by 0.2%. Over 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and it hits more than 1 billion unique visitors every month.

Everyone now watches online videos. Leveraging on this opportunity, since its inception, Fiberboard has been the pioneer in video marketing resources, tips, and strategy advice by providing beyond par services. Be it small pre-roll ad or authentic promotional content, our efforts and experiments with YouTube advertising pays off providing you with a target audience of 1 billion viewers.

Our Methods for effective YouTube Video Ad Include:

  • Keeping the Ad short yet specific - the longer message, the greater the risk that the user may tune it out
  • Keeping the Video Ad between 30-60 seconds for optimal results
  • Keep it engaging – Entertain, inform and be relevant. Users will view the majority of a video if they are interested and engaged
  • Delivering the key messages during the early phase of the video
  • To make the video easily findable, we include all the targeted keywords in the initial words of the title along with the appropriate tags
  • Including a call to action by the usage of Annotations

After availing our services, you can see the transformation. Your business will generate leads, bring more attention and traffic, inspire a stronger brand image and get a greater return for your investment.